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Bonas is pleased to bring to market the exciting and unique new gemstone Sugilite, a beautiful purple mineral denoting wealth, prosperity and healing.Our Sugilite comes from the prestigious Wessels and Nchwaning mines in South Africa, which hosts the only significant deposit of gem quality Sugilite, situated deep in the Kalahari Manganese Fields.



Sugilite was first discovered in 1944 South-West Japan by Ken-ichi Sugi, and is classified as a rare mineral with only a few known sources around the world. The colour is mostly purple with sometimes hints of pink and blue with intrusions that vary from brownish to white. Our rich purple Wessels variant is superior in volume and quality to any other source, and although various names have been given to it over time, the distinctive Sugilite became synonymous with the Wessels mine. Sugilite has been informally mined at Wessels Mine since being found in the late 1970’s, but it was “discovered” by a visiting geologist who saw potential value of this rare mineral in jewellery and ornamentation.

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Our Sugilite sales are conducted with our sales and marketing agent, Bonas, in Hong Kong via an online highest bid tender on The system is transparent, dynamic and very easy-to-use, providing an excellent platform to acquire this one-of-a-kind, new gemstone.

All viewings take place in Hong Kong by pre-arranged appointment and the correct registration process.


We will communicate our next sales dates, when available.
If you would like to participate in the sale, please send us a message via the webform below.


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